“Why India has Turn into a Favourite Destination for Educational Trips ? and Impact of coronavirus on Indian tourism could run into thousands of crores of rupees”

The main reason why India is famous for tourism means all type of tourist destinations in one place. India is the right place for wild safaris, desert safaris, nature seeking places, honeymoon spot, adventurous activities, spiritual places, and historical places of India.
The coronavirus pandemic could deal a crippling blow to the Indian travel and tourism industry, specially with the government suspending all visas, with the economic impact being assessed to run into thousands of crores of rupees. … With India cancelling all visas, the chamber said the impact “will be worse”.
According to industry chamber CII, this is the one of the worst crises ever to hit the Indian tourism industry impacting all its geographical segments – inbound, outbound and domestic, almost all tourism verticals – leisure , adventure, heritage, MICE, cruise, corporate and niche segments.

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One Day We Would Definitely Come Out From This Pandemic. KEEP HOPE!!!

IS THERE ANY EXIT POINT FROM THIS CORONA PERIOD? A SHORT MOTIVATIONAL STORY- We all are bored at home with this thought that we will never recover from this situation ever. It is not abnormal thinking it’s natural as we all are demotivated sitting back home. We all are fed up with this pandemic and […]

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Book Reviews

‘Half The Night is Gone’: This unmistakably great novel stops short with its political provocations

Set in early 20th century Old Delhi, ‘Half the Night is Gone’ tells the story of a celebrated Hindi novelist Vishwanath, heartbroken by the recent loss of his son. The tragedy spurs him to write a tale. Introduction: ‘Half the Night is Gone’ is Amitabha Bagchi’s latest novel, published by Juggernaut Books.

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Today the main challenges regarding education are the various competitions students have to face to be successful in life. Today students are guided and encouraged to take parts in various competition and extracurricular activities and technology has created a great platform for the students. The interaction between teachers and students have improved. Teachers uses both […]

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“Swami Vivekananda Biography : Early Life, Education, Works, Teachings and Famous Quotes”

Swami Vivekananda was an inspiring personality and was famous in whole world. He was born on 12 January, 1863, Kolkata (earlier Calcutta). … He is the founder of Ramakrishna Mission and Belur Math in Calcutta, which are still working towards helping the needy. He was the man of wisdom and a very simple human being.

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How easy it is to blame each other To break the promises of “loving forever.” Everyone wants to prove their might But when everything ends, they think “was it right?” How can I forget that dreadful night? When we fought to claim each others right. Camouflaged by our prejudice We forgot our own instincts. The […]

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The Circus Synopsis

The Tramp wanders into a circus carnival, and finds himself embroiled with a pickpocket and the police, in a funhouse and a hall of mirrors. Evading his pursuers, he rushes into the circus ring, and wrecks the performance of an illusionist – to the delight of the audience.

The circus is in financial difficulties, and the proprietor sees a hope of salvation in this new clown. The only problem is that he is only funny when he does not intend to be. Thus, quite unconsciously, he becomes the comedy star of the show. Soon he falls in love with a beautiful young bareback rider, the ill-treated daughter of the circus proprietor.

The romance prospers, despite the Tramp’s encounters with a lion and other hazards of the circus until the appearance of a rival, the handsome new tightrope artist, Rex. The Tramp’s attempts to compete, both in romance and on the tightrope, end in catastrophe. The circus moves on, leaving the Tramp alone on the scarred ring of grass which is all that remains of the show.

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