Article Poem



So much to see in this world
So much to admire…
I created this only for you
But you don’t have time but only desires.
You crave for money which I have not created,
You fight for boundaries,
You creadted jealousy, hatered
and malice and lost your own peace.
I created the skies and covered it
with beautiful blanket of stars,
I created the flowers to bloom
and inspire happiness as a holy art.
Sunshine, rain and high mountains
was created nature my dear humans,
only and only for you .
But so busy you are with your inanimate jobs.
That you fail to hear me calling
in form of a bird chirpping outside or-
In form of a wind blowing.
So upset you get when unhappiness comes,
that you forget its sure to pass,
You loose the touch of bliss at that time which
make me also sad.
So come my dear now open your windows,
And let the air in-
Open the inner gates of your heart
and welcome happiness from
Every little thing!!

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