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A verse



One day maybe, tomorrow

leaving past all my smiles and sorrow

I want to find a path here,

to lose myself altogether.

In my white night gown

running away from mourning town

walking through, the middle of the night

following the way lit by moonlight.

When i reach away too far,

i never want to recover.

Playing the fiddle,watching firefly

humming my mama’s lullaby.

I know you all will miss me soon,

just look up at the moon

and think about where you went wrong

 that didn’t let me stay for long.

Alone tears ran down my face everyday

but the follow feeling never really faded away

Back against the wall, standing on my toe

no space left, nowhere to go.

Nobody heard my silent prayers

no one looked at those crumbled papers hidden in drawers 

Just like burning flames

they transferred the blames.

Now my life is shaded black and white

far away from gorgeous colors and sunlight.

So I chose to disappear

and rest there in peace forever……

    Aruneema Mukherjee

    A little traveller with a bag full of memories...just started the journey...with rock n roll eyes...sunflower heart and a wandering mind..

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