Camping: A New Way Of Refreshment.

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In the modern world of increasing complexity and competitions among people Camping can be a great way to escape from the boring and monotonous cycle of life. It not only helps us to get away from our daily boring life but it also teaches us how to be happy even without any materialistic things. Camping can be done in various spots but camping amidst nature provides a feeling which is in seventh heaven. The night spent in between woods with the moonlight falling on our tent, sound of river water and sizzling barbecue on the fire provides a sensation which can be understood only if someone actually tries it.

What Do We Need For Camping?

You must be thinking that camping involves a lot of expenditure, but it’s not actually the case. The most essential and cheap item required for camping is a ‘free mind’ that allows you to get out from your cozy bed and spend time with the beautiful nature. If one can somehow manage to make up his or her mind to get out from the comfort of their home, then the other things required for camping is a piece of cake for him or her. However, some other equipments required for camping are: a durable tent, an axe or a sharp knife to chop firewoods, a lighter, a rope, sleeping bag, water bottle, some food, and a first aid kit. 

Best Season For Camping:

Camping is always fun in early winter or early summer because these two seasons provide conditions favorable for outdoor relaxation. But chilled winter is also favorable too as it enhances the taste of hot barbecues.

Best Camping Sites In India:

Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir , Assam, Dooars.

A Special Request:

It is requested to every enthusiastic and excited campers not to throw waste or plastic bottles in the camping site and make the site dirty, they should also prevent their fellow campers from doing so.

Finally, I would like to suggest all to try out camping even once in their life.

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