Have you ever visited THE WISHING LAKE? If you haven’t …Here we go visiting the Wishing Lake !!!

The Khecheopalri Lake is popularly known as the wishing lake because it is believed that this place is blessed by Guru Padmasambhaba and the wishes get fulfilled here.

The Khecheopalri lake is located 21 miles (approximately) to the Northwest of Pelling town, Sikkim. The name basically describes the place as the Heaven Of Padmasambhaba. The wishing lake has a serene environment and therefore is a sacred place for both Hindus and the Buddhists. The Khecheopalri Lake is a significant part of the Buddhist pilgrimage network including Yuksom, Pemayangtse Monastery,  Rabdentse Ruins, Sanga Choeling Monastery and Sanga Choeling Skywalk. There is also a Monastery in the Khecheopalri region near the Lake.


Some settlements near the Khecheopalri Lake are Khecheopalri village, Yuksom and Geyzing. The lake is encased by a dense forest cover of mixed temperate vegetation and mostly comprises of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton. The commonly found ethnic community in this region is Lepcha.


Monsoonal climate prevails in this region. The maximum temperature and minimum temperatures recorded in this tourist spot are 24°C and 4°C respectively. Therefore, woolens are a must for the tourists who are not adapted in this climatic condition!


No leaves are allowed to float on the surface of the lake. As soon as the leaves fall off and gets dropped on the lake surface the birds instantly pick them up; hence always keeping the lake clean. There is a bliss of silence and peace in the environment and the fishes are believed to be holy. It is said that if any wish is made with full devotion and faith from inside in front of the lake then the wish gets fulfilled.


I was really spellbound when I stepped into this tourist spot. I remember it was raining that day though we were lucky that the rain soon slowed down. We entered there through tickets and visited the Monastery first. Then we moved on towards the lake. The environment itself described its serenity. The thing we forgot to take was the fish food which were being sold adjacent to the ticket counter and therefore we couldn’t feed the fishes. We had to visit the lake by opening our shoes at a distance. I along with all the people standing there made our wishes and came back. We left the place. In the car, our driver described an incident regarding this place. According to him,once upon a time there was a village adjacent to the Khecheopalri Lake. The people who resided there were greedy by nature.Every night , the people of the village used to steal the fishes from the lake and also ate them.  According to the folk , as a consequence of consuming those holy fishes there was no person alive in the village within the next month. This describes how powerful, holy and heavenly the fishes are. So, The Wishing Lake is a place every person should visit atleast once in their lifetime!!!

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