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How to overcome your past!-“A write up on Positivity”

It is better to move on than clinging to the past

Sometimes life brings us to such a level where we do not have any road left beside us than to just move on, even if we do not want to. Sometimes we feel like we would just freeze a moment in a little frame and say there forever, but life is not that good to everyone. We all pass through sunshine as well as thunderstorm. At times we are ready at times we are not. When something tragic happens surrounding something or someone which was once very dear to our heart, we break down and fall apart. When we recall that sweet memory of the past and compare it with the miserable present, we realise how alone we are. Those memories only bring more remorse and gloom and make us feel more helpless.

I would like to share a personal experience. From a very young age I always had a longing for a puppy dog. So in order to make me happy my parents got me a puppy dog. It was the best gift I could ever ask for. But happiness did not last long.  I named him as Cola, but 3 weeks after it left us……. I was never prepared for that. It was my first experience with DEATH….. Those 3 weeks were one of the happiest memories of my life, but the incident which followed gave my life a new lesson. Apparently it may seem nothing to a person but for me it was a big issue. I was so attached with him, I in fact refused to eat or sleep for next few following days. I was not ready to accept the fact in any way. Then my mom helped me get out of the grief and move on she made me realize the truth and I finally managed to move on.

So when reality turns cruel, it is us who need to be strong enough to keep a shade over those memories and pack it up and shove them off to a dark place in our heart. So that we have to come across them regularly and move on, start a new phase, a new beginning, with full of hope…


“There are far better things ahead than any we live behind” ~ C.S Lewis

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