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Interesting Reasons Behind Indian Traditions .

  1.  Significance of celebrating Navratri : Navratri means nine auspicious nights . Navratri are observed first in the beginning of summers and next in the beginning of winters . If observe the pattern of Navratri , it is celebrated during the beginning of seasonal changes , The inner chemistry of an individual also changes with these seasonal changes . During this transition , the body immunity decreases , we become more vulnerable to infection .   So an  intelligent way of handling such situation , it is advised to fast or eat something light during Navratri if we are not  fasting. This will help in keeping our immune system strong .

  2. Significance of wearing jewellery : Bangles , nose ring , earing and toe ring are the jewellery that have been proven as a intelligent way of pressing the acupressure points constantly. This helped women in regulating menstrual cycles and in maintaining hormonal balance .

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