Internet has profoundly impacted our world in different ways. It helps us to meet our daily life needs and obligations. Inessence, some people earn their livelihood through the internet, some people buy certain goods via online markets, many use internet to gain knowledge and others also use it as a means of entertainment. Nevertheless, internet has some detrimental consequences for all age groups. So, we cannot completely agree that internet solely has positive effects on people.

Internet affects the minds of children negatively and pulls them away from a having a healthy and positive development in their childhood. These days children are increasingly getting addicted to playing video games and watching videos on the internet rather than playing outside and making friends. If this practice continues children might get socially isolated and that would mentally break them down as they become adults. But many people claim that these online resources are educational and improve children’s personality as they endow them with new skills, but this argument is based on the false presumption that internet can teach what can only be learned through socialization. and socialization can only happen when there is contact with other human beings. If children are not socialized properly then they might attain unruly behavior.

Next, internet could become a hub of many criminal activities. Terrorist organizations, cyber criminals etc. might find internet very useful for carrying out heinous actions. Many people are misled into believing fake information and become victims of cybercrimes and bullying.  This could emotionally impact people as they might lose their money or because their personal information may get exposed to the world. Terrorist organizations would find it very useful for spreading their propaganda. This might cause harm to people who are targeted by these organizations. Nonetheless, opponents maintain that limiting the use of internet is not solution for eradicating these types of offences. They believe that the state should ensure that justice is being done to the victims of cybercrimes. But this solution is not substantive because innumerable crimes take place on the internet every day, and it is not possible for the state to control each one of them. So,it would be wise decision for the state to monitor and control certain criminal activities even by encroaching upon the rights of individuals.

Lastly, increased use of internet could lead to decreased productivity in the country. People would be subjected various types of health ailments like obesity, heart problems, depression and eye problems. This would be vey dangerous for country’s economy as more and more people would become unemployable. On the other hand, some might claim that it is not states place to control and decide to what limit people would be using the internet. But as prevention is better that cure, it would be justifiable for the state to prevent people from being destructive to themselves by using the internet.


In conclusion, we can understand that though internet has various positive attributes, it still has its own limitations. So people must be careful while using it and certainly should not cross a limit while making use of it .





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