1. FEVERWAKE SERIES- The Feverwake series, written by Victoria Lee is a duo logy consisting of ‘The Fever King’ & ‘The Electric Heir’. The series is LGBT+ friendly. The story follows Noam Alvaro, a sixteen-year-old sole survivor of a deadly disease that killed his family and made him a Technopath. His ability attracts the attention of the Defence Minister of the nation. Noam who is a refugee and spent his life fighting for the rights of refugees saw this is as an opportunity and joins hands with the minister. Caught in a web of lies, manipulation, and heartbreak, Noam must make a choice for the greater good.

    The series portrayed a good dynamic between the characters and the author was able to capture the internal conflict of the characters pretty well. The concept and the power system were well constructed and the topic of immigrants and refugees was handled efficiently. It throws light on the problems faced by the refugees and a corrupt government which is a parallel to our reality. The relationship between Noam and his partner, Dara, was realistic and bittersweet which makes you root for them. All in all, it was a pretty good experience.



  1. THE FOLK OF THE AIR SERIES- The folk of the air series is a trilogy written by Holly Black. The first book is, ‘The cruel prince’ followed by ‘The wicked king’ & ‘Queen of nothing’. This series follows Jude who was seven when her parents were murdered. She and her two sisters were taken away to live in the land of faeries. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong there. Discerning that she is good with trickery and bloodshed, Jude rises to the top.

The best thing about this book is the protagonist herself. Jude breaks the stereotype of protagonists doing heroic stuff and save the world trope. Her actions were purely driven by her own desire for power and despite being considered to be the lowest of all she rises to the top. Her tactical skills, manipulative nature, and bloodshed make her a morally grey character which makes her stand out among other YA female leads. The only part which I found to be unsatisfactory was her romance with the male lead, Cardan. Overall, Jude was an empowering character and it was a thrilling experience.



  1. ALL FOR THE GAME SERIES- All for the game series is a trilogy written by Nora Sakavic. The first book is, ‘The foxhole court’ followed by ‘The raven king’ & ‘The king’s men’. This series follows Neil Josten who is the newest addition to the palmetto state university’s exy team. He is fast and has a lot of potentials but signing up with an exy team is the last thing Neil should do for he has a terrible secret that could get him killed.

This series is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From the very beginning to the end it keeps you engaged and the pacing of the book is intense you won’t be able to put it down until you have finished reading it. The characters have a dimension that makes the reader invested in them. The character dynamics are well written, the plot is engaging and the trauma of the characters is also reflected properly in the story without any romanticization. The book deals with lots of major issues adequately like consent, addiction, and mental illness. This series is definitely one of my favorites and it was absolutely thrilling.



  1. LUNAR CHRONICLES- The lunar chronicles is a tetralogy written by Marissa Meyer. The first book is ‘Cinder’ followed by ‘Scarlet’, ‘Cress’ & ‘Winter’. The series follows Cinder and her involvement with Levana, the ruler of Luna. Secrets are revealed and cinder and her friends go on an adventure to overthrow Luna’s supremacy and save themselves and millions of lives.

This series breaks societal gender norms and stereotypes and is also woman empowering. IT is a retelling of Disney princess stories parallel. The character was fun and their dynamic was well written. Romantic relationships were healthy and the adventure was fun to read. Overall, this series is a fun read and will keep you engaged till the end.


  1. MARKET OF MONSTER SERIES- The market of monster series is a trilogy written by Rebecca Schaeffer. The first book is ‘Not even bones’ followed by ‘Only ashes remain’ & ‘When Villains Rise’. This series follows Nita a 17-year-old surgeon and an accomplice to her mother’s black market business. But when she was asked to dissect a living boy Nita decides she had enough and helps the boy to escape. Later on, she gets kidnapped and this time it was her behind the bars.

This series gets extremely dark so the reader’s discretion is required. The protagonist is an anti-hero which is not common in YA literature. Her morally grey character and her flaws are portrayed very uniquely. The author allowed her characters to make mistakes and make ethically contradicting decisions which reflect her trauma and her upbringing very realistically. Out of all the series, I have to say Nita is one of the most realistic characters I have ever come across. The world-building and concept are not out of the box or unique but the plot keeps you engaged. The story has so many dimensions it makes it a thrilling and impactful read although there are parts where the graphic violence can make the reader uncomfortable.


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