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Myths vs Truth



         1.  MYTHS – We all belief that White Potatoes and are unhealthy , and led to Weight Gain . 

              TRUTH –  Potatoes are a nutritious carb , for healthy consumption of Potatoes , consume them in a baked or roasted form .

        2. MYTHS – Frozen foods are not good for health as they are not nutritious .

  TRUTH- As we know that fresh foods are always a better option but frozen foods are also a good alternative . They are nutritious as well as healthy .


          1. MYTHS – While moving elephants make noise (stamping) .

    TRUTH – While moving elephants don’t make any noise .

         2. MYTHS – Chameleons change their color to hide themselves from danger . 

   TRUTHS – Chameleons change their color according to their emotional state .


1. MYTHS – A normal human being uses only 10% of his brain .

    TRUTH – When we are asleep , the brain of a human being works at its full capacity .

2. MYTHS – At the stage of adulthood , our brain cells stops growing 

     TRUTH – Throughout the life of a human being neurons flourish and changes .  


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