“A phobia is only as big as we make it and only as small as we make it. It is what we choose to make it and it can be beaten.”  – UNKNOWN


Everyone is afraid of something. It doesn’t matter how tough , well – balanced or successful someone is, if a mad  person with a knife jumped out at you on a dark night you would probably have some sort of fear-filled thoughts and feeling .The perceived threat causes your body to react to the potential danger or we can say stimulus  . For some people, however, the feelings they experience in relation to a specific fear or a particular object or in a particular situation are much greater, more impactful to their every day life. These are known as phobias.

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder , only a few people know about phobia . It is an extreme form of fear or anxiety triggered by a particular situation (such as going outside) or object (such as spiders), even when there is no danger or no force involvement.

Since birth we’ve seen so many things and incidents happening around us
among these incidents there is always one incident which is still very clear in our mind with every small details of it’s phobias are based on
stimulus and fears that are quite personal, other people can find it difficult to empathize. This might result in depression and discrimination, which can make it much harder for people to speak openly about what they’re going through and seek help and lead to loneliness .Phobias can develop around any object or situation, and but in some rare case some people may have multiple phobias.These are phobias about a specific object or situation, such as from any kind of birds . They often develop in childhood or adolescence and for some people they will lessen as they get older.

If you are afraid of something you have to see or do a lot, this can start to have a serious effect on your everyday life. If you have a phobia about something you don’t come into contact with very often, this can sometimes have less of an impact on you. However, you may still experience fear and anxiety even when the object or situation is not present, meaning that your phobia can still affect you on a daily basis.

Many of us have fears about particular objects or situations, and this is perfectly normal. Phobia is not a mental health problem .

It can be difficult to know when to seek treatment for a phobia because it looks perfectly normal when a person suffers from phobia. If avoidance of the object, activity or situation that does not affect your phobia does interfere with your everyday life, or keeps you from doing things you would otherwise enjoy, it may be time to seek help but we can overcome that type of phobia through avoidance of the object

If  it does not cause intense and disabling fear, anxiety or panic or fear .

But if you recognize that your fear is out of proportion to the danger and its unbearable please visit to a doctor and seek for help .

You can avoid certain situations , objects and places because of your phobia

But if your avoidance interferes with your normal routine or causes significant distress , tension , depression and it stops you  from getting support for other health problems – for example, it stops you using the particular object and also you stop taking therapies .

The major problem regarding phobia is people think its a mental health problem but its not , its just because of some hormones generated in the body due to any particular object.



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