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Shreya Ghoshal Day 2020- A Memory

A MEMORY- Shreya Ghoshal Day 2020

Well, it is very difficult for every SGian to describe or explain Shreya Ghoshal in the right words. The very common thing that every SGian would say very first is that we are thankful to Shreya for her existence. And this is very true. Shreya Ghoshal has unbelievably formed and changed our lives. Her voice seriously touches our hearts. Just for one time you listen to her voice, you will feel blessed. 

For us (SGians) every day is a SHREYA GHOSHAL DAY. Each and every day we listen to her, each and every day we admire her and each and every day we love her more. Very truly said by all the SGians and non SGians as well. Shreya Ghoshal is not just a name, it is a feeling. Ask every Shreya Ghoshal lover, don’t we get an unexplainable feeling, don’t we witness a pounding heart every time we listen to her new songs and every time we see her live and her new pics! The feeling is unexplainable. Not only as a singer but as a Human Being, the personality she has got, teaches us to live our lives in a better way. She has always been our mentor, our sister, and our everything. So, we celebrate each and every special day of Shreya Ghoshal as an occasion. This year we celebrated SHREYA GHOSHAL DAY with a new feel, a new zeal, and new planning. 10 YEARS OF SHREYA GHOSHAL DAY 2020 has been a special project for every SGian. Team Shreya was successful in bringing a smile to her face. SGFamily is a great united family, working with trust and collaboration. So, keeping this as a memory, I have thought of preparing this write up in coordination with some of the SGians.

What some of the SGians say about their experience of SHREYA GHOSHAL DAY 2020 and their feeling for Shreya Ghoshal-?

  • Ranit Roy Choudhury

Being a SGian, the first time I have celebrated Shreya Ghoshal Day, i.e., 10th year. I have dedicated the fan page of @SGUniverse192 since 3 months. I really feel very blessed to celebrate this day with all SGians to spread happiness to our pride, #ShreyaGhoshal in this year. I hope, the next year we will be doing something more exciting, and enjoy more moments as compared to this year.

  • Samia khan

Shreya Ghoshal ma’am is my lifeline. She is my heart. Her all songs are my favorite. Shreya Ghoshal day is one of the best days of my life. This year I celebrated Shreya Ghoshal Day for the first time. Because I am too much younger till now. I love you Shreya Ghoshal ma’am my heart my world my everything

  • Hrutika D Vare

Shreya Ghoshal Day is not just a day to celebrate it’s a journey. A journey of Shreya Ghoshal from being a contestant to an award-winning playback singer. A journey from signature to autograph. A journey from being the daughter of her parents to being an idol of her fans. It’s a journey of SHREYA GHOSHAL. And it’s the most auspicious day to celebrate music to celebrate Shreya Ghoshal.

  • Sohini Mitra

Shreya Ghoshal day 2020:- That experience is too beautiful! Every SGians tried to make something special for SG and our trend topic was “10 YEARS OF SHREYA GHOSHAL DAY”. Its stand to 4th position. I wanted to make something special for her but during online classes that was impossible. But I will try to gift her on her birthday. On the night of 26th, she tweeted and gave thanks to every SGians. This day was a festival for #teamshreya. This day always stay in my heart forever.♥😌

  • Shasvini

This is my first year of celebrating SG Day as a SGFamily member and I came up with a project along with 11 other members. It was amazing to see all the members of SGFamily worked together to put up this big celebration for 10 years of Shreya Ghoshal Day and felt great to contribute. Not just that, I felt overwhelmed with the response the family showered me for my project. All the other surprises and treats were just too amazing. I love this celebration ❤

  • Priyanka  

First of all, I would like to say SHREYA DI I LOVE YOU since my childhood ❤Your every single song talks of love and life. Whether it’s a classical song or folk or a hip hop song you have mesmerized me with each of them. Now you’re a composer too. Shine on girl, and I feel lucky to have you as my idol and take part in the virtual (twitter) celebration of 10th Shreya Ghoshal Day and feel lucky to be a part of #SmileToShreya project too! I enjoyed every bit of the trend ❤Thank you 😊 Keep spreading smiles and love ❤

  • Arvind Arya

I had a great experience because the first time I celebrated it in Twitter and I never celebrated in that way ever. I loved the madness of team Shreya towards Shreya and I was very happy because I was also part of it. I liked everything which was created by Shreya’s fans like pic editing, tagline, singing, and the celebration was remarkable 😀

  • MD Samir

Hello SGFamily. Main “Yeh Ishq haye” songs se Shreya Didi ko follow karta hu aur unke sare gaane sunta hu. Hindi, Bengali, sare songs. Shreya ji ki Ruhani voice hai, magical hai😍 Shreya ji ko follow Karna Jaise zindagi ka Hissa ho.

  • Anushka saha

This year I celebrated 10 years of ‘Shreya Ghoshal Day’ with Shreya didi and all of the SGians and this is my first year in the #SGFamily as I joined in January 2020. I am really grateful to the Almighty to get such an amazing extended family. I was also a part of the Shreya Ghoshal Day project with all the 30 SGIANS and Shreya didi noticed it, liked and retweeted so it’s very special to me because she haven’t noticed me till yet personally on Twitter but through this project, she saw my pic, listened to my voice and my messaged. And the full credit totally goes to Sunny dada who organized the project and the concept and editing of the project was also done by him, so I am really thankful to him as only because of him it became possible.

  • Eshita

She is not only an idol for me she is my life, I found my happiness in her whenever I listen to her voice if clears all my sadness, pain. She means everything to me, my love, for her is unconditional, she always makes all of us proud with all her work and the most amazing is her personality her humble character which makes me fall for her every day more and more I really can’t express in words how much I love her. She was she is she will always be special for me. Shreya Ghoshal Day. Its Shreya Ghoshal day for us every day we SGians celebrate Shreya Ghoshal day every day in our life. She always make us proud in the day we all come together to celebrate it in a more special way like a festival. We try to do every possible thing to make her happy. We are proud to have her we are proud to be her fan.

  • Aditi

I feel privileged to be a part of this SGFamily. Shreya Ghoshal is the only name who helped me in my hard times. Not just her singing, her everything inspires me.

  • Noor Abza

Shreya Ghoshal didi (our Guplu didi😂) is my life❤ her songs always provide energy. She is there so I’m. Her humbleness and her open smile which can’t be compared. I always feel like my own sister. SG Day is a festival for us. I had a lot of experience that day. For the first time, I have celebrated SG Day with SG family and had a lot of fun. SG family is the second family to me❤ because on that day I have come to understand better that everyone makes all the projects in harmony and everyone co-operates with everyone. The only reason for this is Shreya didi, because everyone is inspired by her. I don’t know how time passed that day. I was doing everything wrong. The reason was Shreya Ghoshal Day. I was so excited that I even forgot that there was a recording (I’m sharing the memory – “call ashlo, kokhon aschis? Ami bolechilam mane!!! Aj recording!!!!”😂😂Then Shreya didi’s tweet which is the food of the festival. In a word, that day was very happy. Will be again next year Jah aktu typing a bhul hoe galo jekhantate memory share korlam okhane brackets closed kora holo na 😇😇

  • Chiranjeet Laha

Shreya Ghoshal Day is not just a day but something to feel ultimate proud of! On this auspicious day, every year, we SGians do various projects to celebrate the awesomeness of our idol like the second biggest festival of our year after her Birthday. This year was not an exception, we have done an amazing trend session together and made so many different types of projects to make our Goddess smile wide. And like every other year, I found myself with teary eyes in happiness and pride. Shreya Ghoshal Day Celebration is like the Pushpanjali dedicated to our Goddess Shreya.

Vote of thanks to Sunny Dada who took the initiative of creating the beautiful project as “Project Shreya Ghoshal Day 2020” for “A Smile To Shreya” with the collaboration of 30 SGians. Shreya Didi must have loved it. A huge moment for Sunny dada when Shreya didi herself retweeted Sunny da’s tweet of Smile To Shreya. Do watch this video. This is beautiful. Click here to watch the full video

Sunny Das, Sgian, 10th SHREYA GHOSHAL DAY PROJECT 2020 #TeamShreya. Smile To Shreya.

One more Retweet from Shreya did was a beautiful self-composed song by Titas didi which she uploaded on twitter as a gift to Shreya didi.  Click here to watch the full video

Apart from this, we also had interesting quizzes related to Shreya Ghoshal. Many excited participants, some winners, and other than that, all the true lovers of Shreya Ghoshal.

Then we also had “SG FAMILY AWARDS 2020” organized by Samriddha, Anoshka, and Purnima. This was a complete enjoyment. New members, interesting awards, and above all, all the lovely SGians.

For that one notification of which we all were eager, hearts overwhelmed when twitter notified us “New Tweet from Shreya Ghoshal” and all the SGians knew, she liked it! We all the SGians celebrated this day as an awaited festival. With lots of love, thanks to all the SGians who cooperated in bringing a smile to her face and helping me in creating this memory. This will be kept preserved for years to come.

Thanks to all.

With lots of love- Somadrita (Soma).

    Somadrita Chakraborty

    I am a Psychology student having a different perspective on society. Along with that, I am a music lover and die-hard fan of Shreya Ghoshal and an SGian of SGFamily on Twitter.

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