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Top 4 Makeup trends for 2020


Makeup is all about expressing and enhancing yourself. Every year brings in new makeup trends which we, makeup lovers look forward to. The trends that seem to be going on for 2020 are:


When we talk about skin in 2020 it is all about radiance .This year it is all about embracing inner glow .Illuminating moisturizers, strobe cream, and highlighters are going to flood the market because of its high demand. Set your base only in the places required. Taking care of your skin and putting on least amount of base will be the go to fort this year.


Euphoria, a HBO hit series came up with a new eyes shadow trend in 2019 which seems to continue its reign in 2020 also. It is all about self expression. Graphic liners, abstract eye shadow on lids, floating eyeliner glitters all have a place in this year



 Neon seems to be a big hit. Apply a neon eyeliners, or eye shadow, or just a pop of
it in the inner corner of your eyes and voila! You are all ready to go.

Another colour palette for this year’s go-to list is pastel palettes. Soft pastels colours on your eyelids are another hit in 2020.

Contrast between your eyeliner and eye shadow is also an option you can opt for. You can pair your blue eye shadow with white eyeliner, your pinks with red, and many others.

Smokey eyes were seen all over the S/S fashion week this year. It does not have to be only
the basic black Smokey eye shadow but you can expand your eye shadow colour
choices to reds and blues too.



Hot pink is a THE shade for this year’s go to.

Whereas hot pink is in, our all time favourite, classic bold red is always there for those who just can’t get enough of it.

Glossy lips seem to have made a place for it in 2020.


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  1. Crisp and short intresting stuff with loads of tips on self care along with keeping up with the trends .
    *Impressive* 😊

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